Filming The North Face climbers in Chad’s Ennedi Desert (Video)

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Fourteen minutes of a side of rock-climbing that few get to see.

WE ARE BIG FANS of photographer and climber Jimmy Chin as well as his production company, Camp 4 Collective. This past spring, while his first National Geographic cover feature was being released, Jimmy and fellow North Face-sponsored climbers, including Yosemite solo star Alex Honnold, UK trad climber James Pearson and New England mountaineer Mark Synnott, set off to scale the rocks of Chad’s Ennedi Desert.

The resulting footage captures not just the men’s physical experiences–the gnarliness of being robbed at knifepoint, the even more gnarly footage of Alex soloing an 80-foot tower–but also their spiritual journeys and what it means to explore the unknown so far from home.

The short film is, without any doubt, a “raw, inspired” vision, but be prepared for a serious case of climbing wanderlust after viewing it.

The North Face®: Towers of the Ennedi from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Feature image: Maria Chily

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