15 signs you might have been in Oman too long

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Baxter Jackson weighs in on too many years in Oman.


You get resentful when you actually have to work.


You use your hazard lights more than your indicators.


You don’t consider the table fully set until there’s a box of Kleenex on it.


You think that double and triple parking is ok when you can’t find a spot right next to the door.


You say ‘inshallah’ even when referring to events that are actually happening.


You leave the plastic on your car seats until it falls off.


You think that ‘hellohowareyoufine?’ is an appropriate greeting.


You consider eating with a fork or spoon ostentatious.


You accept one word answers like ‘haram,’ ‘Muscat’ or ‘change’ as legitimate responses to the question of ‘why?’


You’ve stopped asking why.


You think men in dresses look stylish.


You don’t find any sexual connotation in ‘girl passage.’


You have wasta.


When you see ‘haram’ behavior in a film, you ‘tisk’ the actors.


Doing nothing all day makes you tired.

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