Welcome to Las Vegas…and History

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Every visitor to the Las Vegas Strip for the past 50 years has been greeted by the same message: “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.”

The neon sign, one of Vegas’ most recognizable landmarks, was installed in 1959, back in the casino town’s glory days.

Now, it’s been added to the ranks of the National Register of Historic Places — a fitting designation for a structure that very well could be the city’s oldest. Casinos come and casinos go, but the ultra-retro welcome emblem has managed to survive unaltered. Read more on the story here.

Throughout its five decades, the sign has also been featured in countless photos snapped by Strip-goers.

Do you have a good shot of the famous landmark? Share it with the world by posting a link in the comments.

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Visitors with a desire to mix some environmentalism with their gambling should check out Matador’s Green Guide to Las Vegas. Or, to truly get in touch with Sin City, hit up The Top Dive Bars in Las Vegas.

For a local’s perspective on this desert oasis, give Walker Rose’s My Hometown in 500 Words: Las Vegas, NV a read.

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